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Frequently Asked Questions

How long before I need the bin should I book the delivery?

If you require a particular delivery time such as first thing in the morning - book 1-2 days prior. If your requirements are flexible if you book by 9am we can usually deliver the same day.

What size bin will I need?

Please see our Bin Sizes page for a approximate guide.

Do Your Bins have doors?

Some of our 3m Bins and most of our 4m and 6m bins have wheelbarrow access doors. If it is imperative that you have a door please advise at time of booking as well as which direction you want the door to face.

How Do I Order a Bin Buddies Skip?

You can use our online order / payment system or alternatively just call us on 1300 785 845 and we can arrange delivery/ payment over the telephone.

What are my payment options for the Skip?

All bins are paid for at the time of delivery or prior. We accept Cash / Credit Cards (Visa / Master Card)or Direct Deposit into our bank account. Please note: ALL BINS MUST BE PAID FOR IN FULL PRIOR TO PICK UP If you are a builder/renovator and you use a number of bins weekly we may open a 7 day trading account for you.

Do You deliver bins on weekends?

We deliver 6 days a week. Sunday deliveries/ pick ups can be organised at extra cost and prior arrangement.

How long do I get the bin for?

Usual rental is for approx 1 week, although we are flexible, wether you need a skip for a wait and load (we dont leave site) or for a couple of weeks we can help.

Is my bin automatically picked up after one week?

No, Please contact us once you have filled your Skip Bin and we will schedule the pick up. We may also contact you if we have a driver in your area and we think your bin may be ready.

Where can I place the bin?

As a general rule the bin needs to be placed on private property, usually on the driveway or front yard. Keep in mind the driveway and distance inside trees/fences/lights/water meters etc needs to be a Minimum 2.7m although we prefer 3m for a comfortable fit, we also need to take into account power lines, eaves, patios,house gutters etc. Usually once we arrive on site a workable solution is sorted. If you do plan to place your skip on public property ie. Nature strip out the front of your property or public roadway, you will need to apply/pay and receive a permit from your local council, otherwise you run the risk of substantial fine and or legal action. Click here for the council permit form

How Big is your truck/ How much room do you need? Can you deliver on Major roads/Highways?

For comfortable access we need : 3m Width
5m Height
No sharp Bends in driveways
Traffic management/control on major roads/highways.
We try to avoid school zones while they are operational, please advise at time of booking if your property is inside a school zone.

Do I need to be on site at the time of delivery?

No,you can pay over the phone using a credit card, bin placement direction can also be given on the phone, if there are any issues the driver can contact you from site.

Is there anything I should do prior to delivery?

You need to provide clear access to where you want the bin placed. Make sure you have enough room for the truck and the bin. Clear any overhanging branches/trees if required. if you need to move trailers/caravans make sure this is done prior to our arrival. If vehicles need to be moved please move them prior or make sure you have keys on site. Make sure your rubbish / waste is not placed in the same spot where you want the bin placed.

Can I move the bin from where you placed it?

No, we will make all reasonable effort to place the skip where you want it, if you decide to move the bin you risk damage to the property/vehicle equipment as well as personal injury to driver / operator all of which you are liable for. The design of bin lifting equipment requires the truck to be able to back/reverse against the skip bin. The driver needs to reverse directly against the bin.

Which materials ARE NOT allowed in Bin Buddies Skips?

The following items are not allowed in our general waste bins: Asbestos*, Food waste, Any Liquids (all bins have drain holes), Gas Bottles / Flammable Materials, Hazardous Materials e.g.: solvents/paints/oil/grease trap waste etc
*If you wish to dispose of asbestos please advise us at time of booking. According to EPA regulations ( Asbestos or asbestos contaminated waste can not be mixed with any other waste.
The following items may incur extra fees:
Tyres(Car/Motorcycle/truck/earthmoving equipment),
Palm Trees,
Tree Stumps

Who is responsible for the contents of the bin and the bin?

The Hirer (You) is responsible for the bin and its contents. If your Neighbours/workers/family/friends fill the bin for you-with or without your permission or instruction, its your responsibility. If someone else overfills the bin or places hazardous/banned/illegal materials in the bin you must deal with this prior to us picking it up. Never keep filling the bin, any additional costs for reloading the bin, returning to your site etc will be charged to your card.

How much above the rim can I fill the Skip Bin

Bins can be filled up to the top of the rim only - This is a MRS(RTA)Law, we can not legally carry an overloaded bin.The driver is likely to be fined , loose demerit points of their license as well as be liable for any damage caused in case of accident. All skips are covered by a tarpaulin during transit-these are not designed to restrain heavy items. Overloaded bins are an OHS Hazzard to our drivers and the general public.

What Happens if I overload the bin?

The Driver will either by hand or mechanically remove any items he/she deems are at risk of spilling and are to dangerous to carry. This material will be left on site. We may also bring out another bin to place next to overfilled bin. You the customer will then remove all excess rubbish and place in the new bin provided. Normal hire costs apply and will be paid for by the hirer for all bins provided as well as any additional costs incurred by Bin Buddies.

What can I do if all my rubbish does not fit in the bin?

Its easiest and cheapest for everyone if you contact us as soon as you realise the bin is simply not big enough-we then bring out another bin and simply change over for an empty bin at time of pick up.